Our Officers

Every Moose Lodge has a set of officers that have various duties to do to help make the club the best it can be. Our club has a group of great guys that make things run as smooth as possible.

Maybe somewhere along the way you have met one of them or they have even been to your lodge at one time.

Meet our Officers.

Officers for 2016 / 2017
Ben Hughes

Jr. Governor Vacent
Prelate Bob Balaam

Jr. Past Gov


Treasurer Robert Skasko
3yr Trustee Kenny Mathaler

2yr Trustee

Vincent Hansen

1yr Trustee Timothy Reynolds

Lodge Phone: 305-451-1333
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Had a wonderful time at the Lodge. Stayed in the room #7. Saved a LOT of money and kept the driving to a minimum. I really enjoyed our Steak Dinner. Can't wait to get back to the Keys and see my friends at 2287!
Ben & Martha from TN - 13 Apr 2011